Amazon Kindle MatchBook – AutoRip For Books

Kindle MatchBook

Back in January when Amazon announced AutoRip, their program where you automatically get access to the MP3 versions of the tracks on any CD that you buy from them, I posted that was great news, but what I really want are Kindle versions of the hundreds of physical books that I bought from them in the pre-ebook years. Last week Amazon announced just that program, Kindle Matchbook.

Kindle Matchbook isn’t quite as generous as AutoRip, you don’t automatically get a free Kindle ebook for every physical book that you have ever purchased.  Some downloads are free, but they can range from $.99 to $2.99.  Also this program doesn’t cover every book. So far HarperCollins is the only major publishing house that is participating and even then just with some of their back catalog of titles.

This is not perfect, but it’s a start.  I’m looking forward to reading some of those books on my shelves that I know I’ll never get to because my reading habit has changed to being full on tablet for books, newspapers and magazines.  I don’t think that it will get me to buy more physical books though. If anything it will allow me to clear out my bookshelves of some lesser reads with a clear conscious.  I can eliminate clutter, safe in the knowledge that when I can finally get around to that book I bought in 1998 that it will be waiting for me on my iPad.

Keep up with my predictions, last week I also correctly diagnosed a friend’s plantar fasciitis, so I’m on a roll!

Social Farting

BBDO Canada produced this fantastic PSA on social smoking, equating it with farting at parties, when out with friends or to meet guys. Great stuff.

A Field Guide To The Wonderful World Of Clients

A Field Guide To The Wonderful World Of Clients

36 Rules of Social Media

The 36 Rules Of Social Media


How About Amazon AutoRip For Kindle?

Amazon AutoRipLast week Amazon rolled out AutoRip where when you buy a CD you automatically get access to the MP3 versions of the tracks on that album.  As a bonus you get access to MP3 files for tracks to all of the CDs that you bought through from 1998 to the present.

That’s all fantastic, but what I really want is AutoRip for my Kindle.  Give me access to the hundreds of books that I’ve bought over the years on on my Kindle.  Don’t make me buy a Kindle version of all of those books that are already lining my shelves and that I mean to get to eventually, but know that I never will because I’ve switched to reading on my iPad rather than actual books.

To put another way I still want the physical books on the wall to display my taste, but I want to read them in a more convenient manner.

Spotify On Roku

Just before Christmas Spotify announced that they have added a Spotify channel to Roku and my life got a little closer to being complete.

I love Spotify. It met most of my wishes for a cloud based music service of my dreams so I have been paying $9.99 a month since about the day that it was launched.  I use it on my phone and listen offline when I travel, I listen on my laptop at work, my desktop in my office, but the missing piece was listening to Spotify over the stereo in the living room.

For parties and things I connect my phone to the stereo via the earphone plug to stream music from Spotify for as long as the battery lasts, but this is not a great solution because I can’t receive calls, can’t check email, Facebook, take a picture or settle bets by checking Wikipedia.  In other words it doesn’t take long before I switch to Pandora on the Roku, which is connected to the home theater.

Now I have a better solution. With the new Spotify Channel for Roku I can easily stream music to the stereo and my party music needs are satisfied.

Through Spotify for Roku you can access your playlist, star tracks, add them to playlists, read your inbox for messages sent to you by friends, etc. There does not seem to be a way to listen to music from outside Spotify on your Roku like you can add local files to your Spotify library on your computer.  You also need a newer Roku than the one that we have at home, so I’m in the market for an upgrade.  Finally, Spotify Premium member to use the Roku channel.  Luckily you can try out the Premium service for 30 days for free and see if you like it.  I suspect that you will.

Twitter Top Trends For 2012

Twitter LogoYesterday I posted a comparison of the top ten search terms for the 3 big search engines, Bing, Google and Yahoo!. Back in 2009 Twitter posted multiple lists of their top news events, people, hashtags, etc.  I was sort of hoping for the same in 2012 and they gave me that and more.  Twitter’s end of year roundup has lists of top hashtags, political issues, sports topics, music, tech etc. plus a curated list of most popular tweets, events that generated lots of Tweets, best tweets and top new people on Twitter for 2012.  Great stuff.


  1. #nowplaying
  2. #oomf
  3. #blessed
  4. #quote
  5. #lrt
  6. #salute
  7. #news
  8. #followfriday
  9. #throwbackthursday
  10. #shoutout


  1. #tcot
  2. #teaparty
  3. #gop
  4. #romney
  5. mitt romney
  6. #dnc2012
  7. charlotte
  8. #gop2012
  9. #roc
  10. #obama2012


  1. #nfl
  2. #nascar
  3. #mlb
  4. olympics
  5. #sfgiants
  6. jeremy lin
  7. super bowl
  8. dwight howard
  9. kobe
  10. #yankees


  1. family guy
  2. #bb14
  3. american dad
  4. hey arnold
  5. american idol
  6. pretty little liars
  7. 106 & park
  8. SNL
  9. fresh prince
  10. boy meets world


  1. think like a man
  2. the hunger games
  3. the avengers
  4. Red Tails
  5. 21 Jump Street
  6. Dark Knight Rises
  7. Dark Shadows
  8. The Devil Inside
  9. Safe House
  10. The Vow


  1. rick ross
  2. #hiphop
  3. trey songz
  4. nicki minaj
  5. #musicmonday
  6. kendrick lamar
  7. chris brown
  8. coachella
  9. big sean
  10. r&b


  1. ihop
  2. starbucks
  3. waffle house
  4. mcdonalds
  5. bbq
  6. #coffee
  7. taco bell
  8. denny’s
  9. burger king
  10. olive garden


  1. at&t
  2. iphone
  3. instagram
  4. skype
  5. kindle
  6. ipad
  7. pinterest
  8. draw something
  9. amazon
  10. apple


  1. #syria
  2. china
  3. japan
  4. iran
  5. India
  6. afghanistan
  7. australia
  8. israel
  9. italy
  10. Canada

2012 Top Search Comparison

Bing, Google and Yahoo have all released their top searches for the year therefore it’s time again to do some comparisons, contrasts and make a few snarky comments about them.

Top Search Topics 2012

Bing Google Yahoo!
iPhone 5 Whitney Houston Elections
2012 Elections Hurricane Sandy iPhone 5
2012 Olympics Election 2012 Kim Kardashian
Hurricane Sandy Hunger Games Kate Upton
Honey Boo Boo Reality Show Jeremy Lin Kate Middleton
Gangnam Style Dance Olympics 2012 Whitney Houston
KNOY 2012 Amanda Todd Olympics
Academy Awards Gangnam Style Political Polls
Kindle Fire HD Michael Clarke Duncan Lindsay Lohan
Facebook IPO KNOY 2012 Jennifer Lopez

Before getting started, a few notes of clarification.  Bing does not have a list of overall top searches; they break their lists into category like People, TV, Tech, etc.  I picked the News category for their top 10 searches figuring that it cut across categories since it includes everything from Elections to Honey Boo Boo. Maybe that why I think that Bing’s list of top searches gives the best view of what people really were talking about in 2012.

Google has global top search lists and ones for individual countries.  I’ve listed above the top searches for the United States, assuming that would be comparing apples to apples with the other search engines.  Google’s list is a bit of a death mask with 3 of their results surely the result of spikes of interest when the subject passed (Whitney Houston, Amanda Todd and Michael Clarke Duncan).

Yahoo! has one list and one list only.  I like their simplicity and their courtesy in saving me from making choices.  The search list from Yahoo! feels like what I see in the grocery store aisle newsstand with 6 of their search terms being people.  From the perspective of Yahoo! in 2012 we cared about the election, a new iPhone, celebrities and games (Olympics and Political Polls).

The last time that I did this review, back in 2009, only 1 search term ranked for all three search engines and just 2 terms were found in two of the search engines. This time the lists are a little closer.  2 terms were found in the top ten lists for all 3 search engines, Elections and Olympics, which is just what happens when 2 high profile quadrennial events take place in a year. We can expect the same in 2016, 2020, etc.  A whopping 5 terms showed up in more than 1 top ten list; iPhone 5, Hurricane Sandy, Gangnam Style, KONY 2012 and Whitney Houston.

Does this mean anything?  Probably not.  These types of lists collect the highlights of the past year from different perspectives, but ultimately they just show what large numbers of us briefly paid attention to, not what filled our lives this past year.  For that I think that Google’s How To… list does a better job of describing our hopes and dreams.  That list:

  1. How to love
  2. How to rock
  3. How to vote
  4. How to install
  5. How to hate
  6. How to archer
  7. How to wobble
  8. How to calculate
  9. How to root
  10. How to tebow

Epiphany Of The Day: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle = Kimberly

What? Morrissey and Johnny Marr were reworking Kimberly, from Patti Smith’s album Horses, when they wrote The Hand That Rocks The Cradle for The Smith’s eponymous album?

How did I know know that before? But now that I do it is so obvious.

Listen for yourself.

Hosting Migration Thanks

Over the last month I migrated the Trumblog from Laughing Squid’s standard hosting service to their cloud based hosting.  The site was down for a few weeks, but it’s live now.  I didn’t do this alone, I had plenty of help online and they deserve kudos.

Jason BobichFirst of all thanks to Jason Bobich and his simple, straightforward and thorough directions for moving a WordPress blog to a new server.  The directions for a move like this that others provided were either unclear or incomplete and had me pulling out my hair until I found Jason’s directions, which made my life so much easier.

David CoveneyOne of Jason’s steps in the migration was to use Search Replace DB, a script written by , that makes updating your MySQL database simple and pain free, in a way that a find and replace would not have been with TextEdit.

Laughing Squid Help DeskFinally a big thank you to Frank E. at Laughing Squid Help Desk.  After confusion and frustration when my exported databases were 0 bytes in size it turned out that the MySQL database for my blog was too large to export or import via phpMyAdmin. Frank at Laughing Squid was awesome with responding in a couple hours, diagnosing my problem and then exporting my database from my original server and importing into the database that I created on my new cloud server.  He couldn’t have been more helpful.

Thank you Jason, David and Frank for the help.  Without you three the Trumblog would still be a plain white screen.