My bookmarks for October 15, 2008 through October 22, 2008

These are my links for October 15, 2008 through October 22, 2008:

  • How Engaged Are Consumers in Their Health and Health Care, and Why Does It Matter – The level of patient activation, a person’s ability to manage their health and health care, varies considerably in the U.S. population, with less than half of the adult population at the highest level of activation, according to a new study by the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC). Activation levels are especially low for people with low incomes, less education, Medicaid enrollees, and people with poor self-reported health. Higher activation levels are associated with much lower levels of unmet need for medical care and greater support from health care providers for self-management of chronic conditions.
  • Biggest Mistakes Made by Social Media Gurus – Mashable – A list of some all star errors in engaging in social media. Don't respond to all negative comments. Don't participate in flame wars to increase traffic. Don't hire a voice talent for $2,000 to read a podcast for you. Don't send a specially selected mass mailing to your friends. Don't assume that social media doesn’t exist until you arrive. Don't post a comment on your own Facebook profile wall. Don't engage with people who only want to push their own initiative. Don't over-architect a site with features and content without talking to your customers. Don't be overly careful about everything you say online.
    Don't come to your own defense when people bad mouth you online. Don't accept friend requests from people you barely know. Don't stalk women on Facebook.
  • What Makes for a Good Blog? – Nine things that make a good blog
    1. Good blogs have a voice.
    2. Good blogs reflect focused obsessions.
    3. Good blogs are the product of “Attention times Interest.”
    4. Good blog posts are made of paragraphs.
    5. Good “non-post” blogs have style and curation.
    6. Good blogs are weird.
    7. Good blogs make you want to start your own blog.
    8. Good blogs try.
    9. Good blogs know when to break their own rules.
  • The Internet Marketing Handbook – The web's best resources and tools on internet marketing and search engine optimization techniques. Compiled by Danny Dover all of the items are available to the general public and most are free of charge.
  • List of “White Label” or “Private Label” (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms, Community Platforms – List of social networking platforms that can be rebranded with details on each.
  • Where is Your Username registered – Tool to find where a given user name is registered. Find available user names and where you have forgotten that you registered.

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  1. Thanks for all the useful links! Looking forward to reading them/using them.

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